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Brushwood trackway/platform and Giant Irish Deer at Ballyoran Bog, Co. Cork (04E1014 ext.)

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Archaeological Excavation Report

Brushwood trackway/platform and Giant Irish Deer

Eachtra Archaeological Projects were engaged to monitor works within previously untested or unresolved locations along the route of the new N8 Rathcormac/Fermoy Bypass, between June 2004 and February 2005. Three previously unknown archaeological sites were discovered in the course of monitoring internal works. One such site was at Ballyoran Bog, where remains of Giant Irish Deer and a possible brushwood trackway were excavated. The skeletal remains of the Giant Irish Deer are a rare occurrence on archaeological sites, but one of the most interesting aspects of the excavation was the discovery that later inhabitants of the area were aware that deer remains were present in the bog, as tool marks on antler fragments demonstrate. Excavation and post-excavation analysis of the brushwood platform/trackway has revealed that the occupiers of this site exploited the immediate environs of the bog for construction materials. The discovery of the possible trackway is significant, given that the majority of those sites recorded in Ireland are located in the Midlands. In conclusion, the site at Ballyoran bog is important on a provincial, as well as a national scale.

Author: John Tierney

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