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International Conference ‘Archaeology in Conflict’

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6-10 April 2010
Vienna International Center, UN-City, Vienna, Austria, EU

[2] Website here.

Powered by
theĀ [3] World Archaeological Congress and
theĀ [4] Association of National Committees of the Blue Shield
in cooperation with learned societies, academic research institutions and non-governmental organizations from all over the world.

Organized by
Friedrich T. Schipper, University of Vienna,
and Magnus T. Bernhardsson, University of Iceland & Williams College

Dates & Deadlines

May 1, 2009: launch of website, reduced fare flights booking opens

May 15, 2009: registration opens, accommodation booking opens

May 31, 2009: call for panels/papers/posters opens

September 30, 2009: call for panels closes

October 31, 2009: social program published

November 30, 2009: end of early registration (reduced fee), call for papers/posters closes

January 30, 2010: academic program published

March 23, 2010: begin of Austrian Airlines reduced fare flights to Vienna

March 31, 2010: registration closes

April 6, 2010: conference opens

April 10, 2010: conference closes

April 24, 2010: deadline for Austrian Airlines reduced fare flights from Vienna back home

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