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UCC Archaeology Research Seminars 2008/09

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A very interesting range of seminars being offered at UCC this year.

Tuesday 1-2pm (Room J1 Connolly Building)

2008 / 2009 Research Seminars



Tuesday 1-2pm (Room J1 Connolly Building)

14 October: Mr John Sheehan Viking and Early Medieval Research Group
‘The Viking settlement of Woodstown and its silver’

21 October: PhD seminar
Historic Buildings Research Group
Robin Turk: ‘The archaeology of early modern monastic centres in Ireland’
Catherine Desmond: ‘Value conflicts: development control and archaeology’

28 October: Professor William O’Brien Archaeology of Cork Research Group
‘Knockatreenane and prehistoric ring-barrows in Co. Cork’

4 November: Dr Ron Pinhasi Prehistoric Transitions Research Group
‘Palaeolithic occupation in the Rhazdan River Gorge, Armenia’

18 November: Peter Bray (University of Oxford).
Metal circulation in Early Bronze Age Britain and Ireland

25 November: Ms Hilary Kelleher Prehistoric Transitions Research Group
‘Excavation of a Neolithic Enclosure and Settlement at Tullahedy, Co. Tipperary’

2 December: Dr Colin Rynne Historic Buildings Research Group
‘Technological change, technological choice in early medieval Ireland? The case of the water-mill’

9 December: Mr Mick Monk Early Agricultural Research Group
‘Stories from fragments: reflections on taphonomy and the deposition of non-wood macro-plant remains’


13 January: PhD seminars
Viking and Early Medieval Research Group
Gil Boazman: ‘Christianity and regional landscapes in early medieval Ireland’
Tracy Collins: ‘The place of religious women in the Irish archaeological record’

20 January: Dr Joan Rockley Archaeology of Cork Research Group
‘Antiquarians and archaeology in nineteenth-century Cork’

27 January: PhD seminars
Viking and Early Medieval Research Group
Bernadette McCarthy: ‘Early ecclesiastical settlement in selected areas of Galway and Mayo’
Karen Moffat: ‘The ogham stones of Ireland: a history written in stone’

3 February: Dr Tomas O Carragain Viking and Early Medieval Research Group
‘The architectural setting of baptism in early medieval Ireland’

10 February: PhD seminars
Prehistoric Transitions Research Group
Alex Manteiga Brea: ‘Atlantic connections in the Bronze Age: Ireland and Spain’
Mara Vegby: ‘Megalithic tombs of western Europe: Iron Age perceptions of the past’

17 February: PhD Seminars
Biological Anthropology Research Group
Ciaran Brewster: ‘Craniometric analysis of Upper Palaeolithic populations in Europe’
Ian Magee: ‘Habitual activities in past populations and the estimation of age-of-death’

24 February: Dr Barra O Donnabhain Biological Anthropology Research Group
‘Performative violence in medieval and post-medieval Ireland’

3 March: PhD seminars
Historic Buildings and Viking Research Groups
Maire Geaney: ‘Late medieval carpentry in Ireland’
Johanna O’Sullivan: ‘Viking glass beads’

10 March: PhD/MPhil seminars
Historic Buildings and Environmental Archaeology Research Groups
Jane Hurley: ‘Social archaeology of a demesne landscape in north Cork’
Suzanne Smith: ‘Iron Age economy in Ireland in its environmental context’

24 March: MPhil seminars
Historic Buildings Research Group
Angela Buckley: ‘Urban landscapes in medieval Cork, AD 1200–1500’
Lisa Marie Carey: ‘The industrial archaeology of urban bridges in Munster’
Kieran McEnery: ‘The development and archaeology of medieval bridges in Ireland’

31 March: MPhil seminars
Viking and Early Medieval Research Group
Michelle Higgins: ‘What is in a name? Early ecclesiastical settlement in Co. Cork’
Marie Therese Barrett: ‘The early medieval church sites of Co. Limerick’
Cliodhna O’Leary: ‘The early medieval minor cross sculpture of Iniscealtra’

7th April: MPhil seminars
Archaeological Ceramics Research Group
Aine Howell Ingelbach: ‘L’Orient-type medieval pottery’
Niamh Doyle: ‘Pottery production and consumption in Ireland, 12th to 16 centuries AD’

14th April: MPhil/PhD seminars
Archaeology of Cork and Historic Buildings Research Groups
James O’Driscoll: ‘An archaeological remote sensing study of Garranes ringfort’
Elena O’Brien: ‘Urbanization, social stratification and housing in industrial Ireland’
Jane Hurley: A regional study of the archaeology of demesne landscapes in north Cork.

5th May: MPhil seminars
Prehistoric Transitions Research Group
Aoife Feen: ‘The prehistoric stone circle complex of Co. Cork’
Alan Hawkes: ‘Analysis of burnt mound archaeology from Irish infrastructural projects’
Andrew Mills: ‘A morphological analysis of hillforts and hill-top enclosures in Munster’

12th May: MPhil seminars
Historic Buildings Research Group
Edel Barry: ‘The archaeology of narrow gauge railways in Munster’
Laura O’Connor: ‘The archaeology of urban development in Munster’
Emma Ryan: ‘The medieval walled towns of Munster’

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