EU Projects

Eachtra Archaeological Projects Ltd. is currently involved in two on-going European consortium projects, belonging to FP7 and H2020 framework projects.

Eachtra has developed a solid experience in proposal writing and EU project management, especially in the field of ICT, digital heritage and cultural tourism and is can provide these competences as a service to other organizations.

MEMOLA FP7 project - 2014-2017

Eachtra is project partner in the MEMOLA consortium and has been widely involved in the preparation of the project proposal:
Mediterranean Mountainous Landscapes: an historical approach to cultural heritage based on traditional agrosystems focuses on analysing the cultural landscapes of four mountainous areas within Mediterranean Europe: Sierra Nevada (España), the Vjosa Valley (Albania), the Trapani mountains (Italy), and Colli Euganei (Euganean Hills) (Italy). It involved 10 partners from five different countries.

In January 2016 the project has been selected by the EU Humanities Scientific Committee as one of the top five innovative research projects in the humanities. You can download the report at the following link:

Eachtra duties in this project covers research data management, development and maintenance of the project private and public web platforms and dissemination activities.

Athenea3I H2020 project - 2017-2021

Eachtra is partner organisation in the Athenea3I project, leaded by the University of Granada (Spain) under the H2020 programme H2020-MSCA-COFUND-2016.

The goal of the COFUND programmes is to stimulate regional, national or international programmes to foster excellence in researchers’ training, mobility and career development, spreading the best practices of Marie Skodowska-Curie actions.

Eachtra is involved as a Partner Organization in secondment stays by supervising, hosting or training researchers contracted by the Universidad de Granada.