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New issue of Seanda magazine October 2009

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The new issue for 2009 of Seanda, the NRA Archaeology magazine, has been published.

At present, a PDF version of the magazine is [2] available to view and download from the NRA website. Hard copies of the magazine will distributed in early November.

Eachtra Archaeological Projects has a part in this issue 4, with the following contributions:

Published at the end of 2008, this new book describes the results of archaeological investigations on the route of the N25 Kilmacthomas realignment in County Waterford, undertaken by Eachtra Archaeological Projects between 1998 and 2000;

  • More than meets the eye - burnt mounds and lithics on the N7, by [4] Farina Sternke [p. 30]

An appraisal of the lithics (stone tools) recovered from prehistoric burnt mounds/fulachta fiadh on the N7 Castletown–Nenagh: Derrinsallagh to Ballintotty road scheme;

These sites were excavated by Eachtra and Farina is the subcontracting lithics specialist.

  • Collecting and collating: managing data in archaeology, by Maurizio Toscano [p. 34]

An insight into how Eachtra Archaeological Projects marshals the evidence it recovers during excavations;

  • Medieval life and death by the ‘broken river’, by Finn Delaney, John Lehane and Katie Keefe [p. 36]

A report on the excavation of an early medieval cemetery-settlement at Owenbristy, Co. Galway, on the N18 Oranmore–Gort road scheme.

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