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Architectural Survey - N7 Castletown-Nenagh Road Scheme

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The following report details a survey undertaken to record the architectural components and features of importance of nine study areas along the route of the proposed N7 Castletown to Nenagh road scheme (Contract 1, West). The study also sought to ascertain any phasing of construction that may be evident i.e. various extensions, additions or modifications to the various properties which have been carried out over time. Cartographic and documentary research was also carried out in order to provide a date range of the original construction and any subsequent additions.

A total of 15 architectural heritage sites were identified in the EIS over the area covered by Contract 1.  Six of these sites were modern and were surveyed by Niall Roycroft, Project Archaeologist. The remaining nine areas of Architectural Heritage (AH) interest form the study.

The study site of Lissanisky House and associated features are listed in the Record of Protected Structures (RPS) of the Tipperary North County Development Plan 2004-2010 (RPS No. S258) and the National Inventory of Architectural Heritage for County Tipperary. Inclusion in the RPS affords the house and the pillared entrance statutory protection under the Planning and Development Acts 2000-2002.

This report has been carried out in advance of construction of the N7 Castletown to Nenagh road scheme (Contract 1, West). At an earlier stage of the design process, the EIS envisaged that either all or part of these study sites would be physically impacted upon during the course of the road construction works. As a result, the nine study sites are the subject of either a Level 1 or Level 2 architectural survey as directed by the NRA Project Archaeologist (Appendix 1).

Author: Alison McQueen

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