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Brian Dolan + Web 2.0 = www.seandalaiocht.com

December, 2009 · Written by: John Tierney Print This Page This entry is part 17 of 30 in the Issue 04

Brian Dolan has published a website which contains a wide range of thoughts, ideas, data and publications on Irish Archaeology. It can be found at www.seandalaiocht.com and combines google calendar with video files amongst other things.

The Eachtra website doesn’t appear to have filtered into Brians attention yet and I wonder how long it will take him to land here and add a comment below. If you do get here Brian, feel free to add the Eachtra Journal Vols 1-4 to your marvellous site.

Update - It took Brian just a month to respond to this Journal entry. A key question that emerges from our increased use of web technology is how disposable these archaeological publications are going to be? We attended a workshop on digital archiving in York in 200 and the points raised by the ADS then are even more relevant, and not discussed enough, in Irish archaeology today.




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