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Culture, Environment and Change Archaeological Research Seminar 2009

November, 2009 · Written by: John Tierney Print This Page This entry is part 8 of 30 in the Issue 04

UCD Archaeology Department have planned a day-long seminar on their current research topics and themes.

Culture, Environment and Change
Archaeological Research Seminar 2009
Theatre M, Newman Building Thursday, 10th December, 9-5pm

UCD School of Archaeology’s Research Seminar aims to communicate knowledge about the School’s wide-ranging international and national research projects in 2009.

UCD Archaeology staff and students are engaged in archaeological research projects around the world; in SE Asia, the Mediterranean and northwest Europe, ranging in date from the Mesolithic to the Post-medieval period.

UCD School of Archaeology has three major Research Themes each comprised of active Research Groups undertaking a range of projects. The seminar papers are arranged in sessions according to these themes: Footprints of Ireland (chair: Prof. Gabriel Cooney), Landscape and Environment (chair: Prof. Tadhg O’Keeffe) and Materialising Identities (chair: Dr Joanna Brück).

This year, the seminar will feature presentations from School Research Groups, Academic staff & collaborators, Funded Research Projects, Post-Doctoral scholars and advance stage PhD students. This includes research funded by INSTAR, ULYSSES, IRCHSS, DoEHLG, Royal Irish Academy, UCD Research, UCD Humanities Institute of Ireland and UCD John Hume Institute for Global Irish Studies.

Staff and postgraduate research project posters will also be on display throughout the day. Come and join us for a Christmas Archaeology Research Seminar!

All are welcome, but if you would like to attend please email the School Research Co-ordinator at Aidan.OSullivan@ucd.ie or phone him at 01-7168252 to let us know.


8.45 - 9.00 Registration and Arrival
9.00 – 9.20 Welcome and Review of
UCD School of Archaeology’s research in 2009

Footprints of Ireland
(chair: Prof. Gabriel Cooney)

9.20 – 9.30
Facebook, Pints of Guinness and Researching Prehistoric Archaeology
(Prehistoric Discussion Group)
Kim Rice/Emmett O’Keeffe
UCD School of Archaeology, UCD Ad Astra and IRCHSS Doctoral Scholars

9.30 – 9.50
Stories from the Neolithic Passage tomb of Knockroe; past reflections and future challenges
(Royal Irish Academy)
Prof. Muiris O’Sullivan, UCD School of Archaeology

9.50 – 10.10
Neolithic and Bronze Age Landscapes of North Mayo (INSTAR project)
(Heritage Council INSTAR)
Prof. Seamas Caulfield, Gretta Byrne, Prof. Martin Downes, Noel Dunne, David McIlreavy, Stuart
Rathbone, Patrick Walsh and Dr Graeme Warren
UCD School of Archaeology; Office of Public Works; NUI Maynooth

10.10 – 10.30
Astronomy and engineering of Lismullin Iron Age enclosure
(Dublin Institute of Technology)
Dr Frank Prendergast,
UCD School of Archaeology and Dublin Institute of Technology

10.30 – 10.50
The Early Medieval Archaeology Project (INSTAR EMAP); digging into the data from early
medieval excavations
Dr Aidan O’Sullivan, Dr Finbar McCormick, Dr Thomas Kerr, Lorcan Harney, Jonathan Kinsella, Matt
Seaver and Rob O’Hara
UCD School of Archaeology; Queen’s University Belfast;
ACS Ltd.; CRDS Ltd.; Archer Heritage Ltd.

10.50 – 11.00 Discussion

11.00 – 11.30 Tea/Coffee and Posters

Landscape and Environment
(chaired by Prof. Tadhg O’Keeffe)

11.30 – 11.50
Climate Change and the Adoption of Agriculture in
Ireland: current research in North Mayo
Dr Graeme Warren, Dr Stephen Davis and Dr Naomi Holmes, UCD School of Archaeology

11.50 – 12.10
Boyne Landscape Project (INSTAR): Recent Research
(Heritage Council INSTAR)
Dr Helen Lewis, Dr Colman Gallagher, Dr Stephen Davis, Dr Jonathan Turner, Dr Gez Foster, Dr Loreta Guinan, Dr Conor Brady, Dr Thomas Cummins, Dr C. Langdon, Dr R. Scaife, Dr Naomi Holmes, M. Allen, Dr R. Meehan, Gary Mulrooney, Prof. Anthony Brown
UCD School of Archaeology; UCD School of Geography, Planning & Environmental Policy; Meath County Council; DKIT; UCD School of Agriculture, Food Science & Veterinary Medicine; Allen Environmental Archaeology; Talamh Ireland; University of Southampton

12.10 – 12.30
The Fergus estuary and its islands: a maritime historic landscape in
Co. Clare
(The Heritage Council; IRCHSS/Égide Ulysses; UCD Humanities Institute of Ireland)
Dr Aidan O’Sullivan, Mary Dillon, Conor McDermott, Dr Rob Sands,
UCD School of Archaeology

12.30 - 2.50
Fishy stories: the environmental analysis of a late medieval century shipwreck from
(Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government)
Dr Stephen Davis, UCD School of Archaeology

12.50 - 1.10
Investigating the ancient landscapes of
Dr Alan Peatfield and Will Megarry, UCD School of Archaeology

1.10 – 1.15 Discussion

1.15 – 2.15 Lunch

During the lunch break attendees are invited to view the research posters on display and to discuss the projects with the authors

Materialising Identities
(Chaired by Dr Joanna Brück)

2.15 – 2.30
Keeping - making archaeology relevant
(UCD John Hume Institute for Global Irish Studies)
Dr Thomas Kador
UCD School of Archaeology

2.30 – 2.50
Glendalough Valley Project: research and teaching in the Wicklow Mountains
(UCD; Office of Public Works)
Conor McDermott & Dr Graeme Warren
UCD School of Archaeology

2.50 – 3.10
Viking graves? Death, burial and identity
Dr Stephen Harrison
UCD School of Archaeology

3.10 – 3.30 Coffee Break and Posters

3.30 – 3.50
Exploring the early medieval west coast: time for a new vocabulary
Sharon Greene
UCD School of Archaeology

3.50 – 4.10
Historicising identity: the reinvention of Lohort Castle in the 18th century
Prof. Tadhg O’Keeffe
UCD School of Archaeology

4.10 – 4.20 Session Discussion

4.20 – 4.45 Final Discussion and Prospects for 2010

5.00 Formal end of seminar

5.30-7.00pm All welcome to a wine reception in UCD Common Room,
Newman Building, UCD
Please direct any queries to archaeology@ucd.ie

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