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Ring ditch at Ballybrowney, Co. Cork (05E0233)

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Archaeological Excavation Report

Ring ditch

Two distinct features were recorded on the western and eastern side of the route of the N8 during topsoil striping prior to the construction of the temporary realignment of the R614. Site A a Bronze Age / Iron Age ring ditch was located to the west of the N8 and Site B an Early Bronze Age enclosure was located to the east in Ballybrowney Lower.
Site A has been identified as a ring-ditch with an internal diameter of 4.25m. Cremated human bone was recorded in the fills of the ring ditch. It is likely to be associated with the large Bronze Age/Iron Age site on the route of the N8 to the north-east which was excavated by E. Cotter in 2003. The site included four enclosures, three circular houses and a medieval corn-drying kiln. The site was truncated by several levelled field boundaries, probably 18th in origin (Cotter 2004, 38).
Site B was a continuation of an Early Bronze Age enclosure partially excavated by E.Cotter in 2003. As it was not going to be disturbed it was not excavated but recorded, planned and covered.

Author: Fiona Reilly

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