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Mesolthic, Neolithic and Early Bronze Age activity on the banks of the River Funshion, Gortore Co. Cork

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Archaeological Excavation Report

Mesolthic, Neolithic, and Early Bronze AgeĀ  activity on the banks of the River Funshion

The excavation of the site at Gortore 1b E2410 comprised three areas, 1, 2 and 3. The site was located on the southern bank of the River Funshion. A truncated house and a group of pits and post-holes were excavated in Area 1. A group of pits, some dating to the Mesolithic period, were excavated in Area 2. A large concentration of pits, post-holes and hearths, which formed at least two possible structures, were excavated in Area 3. The underlying limestone geology and the formation of sink holes in Area 3 were problematic.
An important assemblage of lithic artefacts, dating from the Early Mesolithic to the Late Neolithic/Early Bronze Age, was recovered, in particular from Area 2 and Area 3. An assemblage of Early Neolithic carinated bowls and Middle Neolithic gobular bowls was also recovered from the site. A corn-drying kiln dated to the early medieval period was recorded in Area 1.

Authors: Julianna O’Donoghue

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