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Pits and Postholes at Caherdrinny, Co. Cork

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Archaeological Excavation Report

Pits and Postholes

The site comprised a cluster of ten pits and post-holes and a series of plough furrows. There was also a small feature containing charcoal located 5 m south of the main cluster of features. Caherdrinny 2 appears to be the remains of a funerary pyre.  There is no evidence that the cremated remains were buried at the site. The site does not suggest more than a single episode of burning.  The absence of in situ scorching of the subsoil suggests either that the pyre was built on the topsoil or that it was raised above ground, with the posts smouldering down to their base, leaving no evidence of in situ burning. A radiocarbon date suggested that activity at the site dated to the Middle Bronze Age.

Authors: Nicholas Bower and Penny Johnston

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