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A large Bronze Age pit and post-medieval ditches at Kiltotan Collinstown, Co. Westmeath (E2769)

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Archaeological Excavation Report

Large Bronze Age pit and post-medieval ditches

Archaeological test excavations were carried out for the proposed N6 realignment between Kinnegad
and Tyrrellspass in counties Meath and Westmeath. This site was discovered during archaeological
testing carried out during the summer of 2004. Site 13 was uncovered within test trenches in
Field 9 at National Grid Reference 245009 238675. Two main areas of archaeological potential were
uncovered; the first, Area A, consisted of a large pit filled with burnt clay and charcoal and a number
of ditches, probably post-medieval in origin. The second area, Area B, was defined by one irregular
disturbed pit with burning. It may be related to archaeological material located to the south, beyond
the limits of the roadtake.

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