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Burnt Mound and Well at Clashnevin, Co. Tipperary

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Archaeological Excavation Report

Burnt Mound and Well

The excavation of the site at Clashnevin comprised a burnt mound which overlay a well, a trough and a small group of pits. The well was 7 m in diameter and over 2.5 m in depth. It was fed by a spring at the base. The trough was located on the western side of the well. A medieval date was returned from one of the basal fills of the well. The remains of a second burnt mound were located 40 m to the west.  It comprised a trough and two pits. A Middle Bronze Age date was returned from a fill of the trough. A small quantity of plant remains and animal bone was recovered primarily from the fills of the well and a pit at the western end of the site.  Three ditches were located to the north of the mound of burnt material. The ditches correspond to a field boundary marked on the 1st ed. OS map sheet TN21.

Authors: Jacinta Kiely and Jo Ronayne

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