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A cashel at Derrydonnell More, Co. Galway (E3867)

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Archaeological Excavation Report


This report constitutes the final excavation report for a destroyed and levelled cashel in Derrydonnell More townland, Co. Galway. The site was excavated as part of the archaeological excavation programme in advance of construction for the N18 Oranmore to Gort road scheme. The site was a Recorded Monument (GA096:085) located within the lands acquired for the new road. Surviving sub-surface remains were identified by archaeological testing during Phase 1 investigations (E3702) along the route. The excavation revealed the partial outline of a destroyed and levelled cashel. One possible stone feature was all that survived internally.

The site was a recorded early medieval enclosure or cashel (GA096:085) which was depicted on the first edition Ordnance Survey map of the area. The site was levelled and destroyed by land clearance and was not visible above ground. The foundation level of a non-circular wall, which consisted of an inner and an outer face with an internal rubble core, was partly traced around the perimeter of a low knoll. One small, internal, stone feature was identified below a stone deposit which covered the entire interior of the site. A beautifully preserved baluster-headed ringed pin, dated from the 7th to the 8th century, was recovered during the excavation along with a crinoid fossil bead of possibly similar date. No suitable dating material was recovered during the excavation.

Authors: Tori McMorran & Finn Delaney

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