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A burnt mound at Coldwood/Foorkill, Co. Galway (E3887)

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Archaeological Excavation Report

Burnt mound

This report constitutes the final excavation report for a disturbed burnt mound in the townland of Coldwood/Foorkill, Co. Galway. The site was excavated as part of the archaeological excavation programme in advance of construction for N18 Gort to Oranmore Road scheme. The site was found within the Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) area for the scheme during Phase 1 archaeological testing. The site consisted of the very disturbed remains of a burnt mound. A barbed-and-tanged flint arrowhead was uncovered during the excavation.

The excavation uncovered the disturbed remains of, an undated, burnt mound with no other associated archaeological features. The burnt mound was disturbed by land improvement works which were undertaken during the 1980s. A small assemblage of animal bone was recovered from the burnt mound. Two chert flakes and a barbed-and-tanged flint arrowhead were recovered from possible buried topsoil which survived in places below the burnt mound deposit.

The three lithic aretafcts from the archaeological excavation at Coldwood are late Neolithic in date. A small number of lithics were recovered from five of the other burnt mound sites.

Authors: Enda O’Mahony & Finn Delaney

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