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Bronze Age houses and medieval iron-working at Drumbaun, Co. Tipperary

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Archaeological Excavation Report

Bronze Age houses and medieval iron-working site

Evidence of at least four phases of activity, dating to the Early Mesolithic, Middle Neolithic, Middle Bronze Age and medieval periods was recorded at the site at Drumbaun.
The Early Mesolithic phase was indicated by the recovery of a single flint blade. A small group of pits associated with a hearth was dated to the Neolithic Period. Flint knapping had taken place at the hearth-side. Two Middle Bronze Age structures situated side by side were located at the south-eastern edge of the site. At least three groups of pits, located in the central area of the site were dated to the medieval period. One of the groups of pitsĀ  was associated with iron-smithing. A series of late/post medieval field boundaries enclosed the area of the excavation and extended beyond it.

Authors: Jacinta Kiely, John Tierney and Ewelina Chrobak

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