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A tenant farm at Roevehagh 2, Co. Galway (E4012)

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Archaeological Excavation Report

Tenant farm

This report outlines the results of an archaeological survey and excavation in Roevehagh townland Co. Galway at the site of the overgrown remains of three structures and associated field boundaries. The structures and field boundaries were identified during scrub clearance by machine across areas covered in hazel and blackthorn and underlain by limestone bedrock. The scrub clearance was undertaken within the lands acquired for the N18 Gort to Oranmore road scheme. The archaeological investigations were undertaken under a registration number (E4012) for construction/site clearance monitoring from the Department of the Environment Heritage and Local Government.

This report analyses the individual structures and researches the historical and social background of a small group of buildings in Roevehagh townland which were subject to survey and test excavations. The group included a pair of buildings and a single, similar building, located c. 45 m to the north. This building group appears to represent two prefamine farming households likely to have been constructed by a group of tenant farmers at Roevehagh. It is likely to have been abandoned prior to the Great Famine 1845–49. Structure 1 is depicted on the 1838 OS map and is partly depicted on the 1895 OS map. It is depicted only as a small outline, indicating that it is roofless on the 1929 OS map. These buildings probably went out of use after the earlier 19th century village of Roevehagh was established, as a response to changes in the socio-economic structures in Galway.

Authors: Enda O’Mahony & Finn Delaney

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