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IAI Spring Conference 2011 - Archaeology and Science

March, 2011 · Written by: John Tierney Print This Page This entry is part 7 of 8 in the Issue 09

Keynote address in The Royal Irish Academy, Dawson Street, Dublin 2 on Thursday, March 31st

Professor Charlotte Roberts

Archaeology, science and human remains:
developments in understanding of our
ancestors over the last 25 years

2-day conference in The Central Hotel, Exchequer Street, Dublin 2 on Friday, 1st – Saturday, April 2nd


The Central Hotel, Exchequer Street, Dublin 2

9:00 –   Registration

▪▪▪▪ Session 1 ▪▪▪▪

Chair: Mary Cahill (National Museum of Ireland)

09:30 – Denise Keating (University College Dublin): Childhood in early medieval Ireland: perspectives

from human osteology and archaeology.

09:55  –  Sheila Tierney  Ballyhanna Research Project, Institute of Technology,  Sligo):  Ancient  DNA

analysis of medieval human remains from Ballyhanna, Co. Donegal.

10:20  –  Niamh   Daly   (University   College   Cork):  Embodied   Identity:   Stable   isotopic   research   in


10:45 – Coffee

▪▪▪▪ Session 2 ▪▪▪▪

Chair: Dr Ann Lynch (National Monuments Service)

11:15  –  Dr  Meriel   McClatchie   (Archaeobotanist,   Co.   Waterford),   James   Eogan   (National   Roads

Authority), Dr Karen Hardy (ICREA, Universtat Autònoma de Barcelona) & Dominic Berridge

(Ecologist,   Co.   Wexford):  Detecting   the   use   of   tuberous   food   plants   through   starch   grain


11:40  –  Amy Bunce (The   Discovery  Programme):  Problems in  bulk: one solution to  bulk  organic

environmental samples.

12:05 – Alison Kyle (University of Glasgow): Souterrain Ware: petrology, provenance and production.

12:30 – Dr Johanna Ullrich (University College Dublin):  Practical Applications of Phosphate Analysis

in Irish Archaeology: Geochemistry and Use-of-Space Modelling.

13:00 – Lunch

▪▪▪▪ Session 3 ▪▪▪▪

Chair: Dr Eileen Reilly (Trinity College Dublin)

14:00 – Dr Katharina Becker (University of Bradford), Prof. Ian Armit (University of Bradford) & Dr

Graeme Swindles(University of Leeds): Absolute scientific dates and the ‘new’ Irish Iron Age.

14:24 – Dr Gill Plunkett (Queen’s University Belfast), Conor McDermott   (University College Dublin), Dr

Graeme Swindles (University of Leeds) & David Brown (Queen’s University Belfast): Building

bridges or breaking new ground? A critical examination of peatland activity and past climate

change in Ireland.

14:50   –   Dr   Scott   Timpany   (Headland   Archaeology):   Archaeological   and   palaeoenvironmental

investigations of a multi-period wetland site at Newrath, Co. Kilkenny.

15:15 –  Dr Bettina Stefanini (NUI Maynooth):  Late prehistoric woodland patterns as reflected in the

pollen record.

15:40 – Coffee

▪▪▪▪ Session 4 ▪▪▪▪

Chair: Ian Doyle (The Heritage Council)

16:00 – Paul Rondelez (University College Cork):  Micro- and macroscopic analysis of metalworking

residues from Aghmanister, Co. Cork.

16:25   –   Barry   Cosham   (Archaeometallurgist):   An   inexpensive   science:   archaeometallurgical

assessments as an interpretive tool.

16:50  –  Lorna   Barnes   &   Jennifer   Mulrooney   (National   Museum   of   Ireland):  Laser   Cleaning   in

Conservation: Three case studies.

17:15 – General Discussion

The Central Hotel, Exchequer Street, Dublin 2

09:00 – Registration

▪▪▪▪ Session 5 - Short Papers on Post-graduate Research ▪▪▪▪

Chair: Tracy Collins (Aegis Archaeology Ltd./PhD Researcher)

09:30  –  Nikolah Gilligan (The Institute of Archaeology, University College London):  A Bronze Age

assemblage from Tell Shiyukh Tahtani, Syria.

09:45   -  Philip   Stastney   (University   of   Reading):  Examining   the   relationships   between   Holocene

climate change, hydrology and human society in Ireland.

10:00 – Lisa Coyle & Dr Gill Plunkett (Queen’s University Belfast): Lulls and booms: land-use changes

in first millennium AD Ireland inferred from pollen records.

10:15  –  C. Bunting, N. Branch, S. Robinson & P. Johnes  (University of Reading):  Quantifying the

Heritage Resource Potential of Lowland Wetlands in NW Europe.

10:30  –  Claire   Murphy   (Trinity   College   Dublin):  Human  Remains   Excavated   from   the   Anatomy

School (1711-1825) Trinity College Dublin.

10:45 – Coffee

▪▪▪▪ Session 6 ▪▪▪▪

Chair: Linda Lynch (Osteoarchaeologist)

11:15     Niamh   McCullagh   (ICLVR):  The   Independent   Commission   for   the   Location   of   Victims

Remains and Archaeology.

11:40 –  Tasneem Bashir & Dr Ted McGowan (Ballyhanna Research Project, Institute of Technology,

Sligo): Assessment of Diagenesis and Degree of Preservation for Bone Tissue from a Medieval

Cemetery located at Ballyhanna, Co. Donegal.

12:05 – Jonny Geber (Queen’s University Belfast): A Palaeopathology of the Great Irish Famine: The

Kilkenny Union Workhouse Mass Burials.

12:30 –  William P Megarry & Dr Steve Davis (University College Dublin):  LiDAR, Landscapes and


13:00 – Lunch

▪▪▪▪ Session 7 ▪▪▪▪

Chair: Dr Aidan O’Sullivan (University College Dublin)

14:00 – Dr J. M. Wilson (University of Bristol): Scientific collaboration for the Mapping Death project.

14:25  –  Dr   Elizabeth   O’Brien   (Mapping   Death   Project):  Demonstration   of   the   Mapping   Death

Database of burials – 1 st  to 8 th  centuries AD.

14:50  –  Anthony Corns (The Discovery Programme) &  John McAuley (Trinity College Dublin):  The

development of online archaeological applications.

15:15 – Dr Daniel Tietzsch-Tyler: Reconstruction: Its Archaeological Importance in a Changed World.

15:40 – Coffee


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