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Roscrea Autumn Conference 2011

September, 2011 · Written by: John Tierney Print This Page This entry is part 31 of 33 in the Issue 11

Mount St Joseph Abbey, Roscrea, Co. Tipperary

49th Consecutive Conference: Friday 4th – Sunday 6th November 2011

Theme: Art and Devotion in Medieval Ireland


6.00 Snack supper and registration

6.45 Reception hosted by Roscrea Heritage Society

7.25 Welcome: Dom Richard Purcell, OCSO, Abbot of Mt St Joseph

7.40 Seeing the Sacred: the religious image and the late medieval Irish devotional World

Professor Salvador Ryan, Professor of Ecclesiatical History, St Patrick’s College, Maynooth

8.15 The Cloths of Heaven: Eucharistic Vestments in Late Medieval Ireland

Dr Colmán Ó Clabaigh, OSB, Glenstal Abbey

8.50 Discussion

9.15 Hospitium


8.45 Optional rise for vigils

9.30 Visualising Christianity in sixteenth-century Ireland: the Seanchas Búrcach manuscript

Dr Bernadette Cunningham, Deputy Librarian, RIA

9.55 Reliquaries in Saints’Lives

Professor Raymond Gillespie, NUI Maynooth

10.20 The Miracle of Lismore

Dr Dagmar Ó Riain-Raedel, UCC

10.45 Discussion

11.00 Coffee

11.30 Image and Idol: Devotional Statues in Medieval Ireland

Dr Rachel Moss, RIA and TCD.

12.05 Easter and the Eucharist: A study in Franciscan iconography

Dr Malgorzata Krasnodebska-D’Aughton, UCC

12.40 Making the Arma Christi speak: text and image in late medieval Ireland

Salvador Ryan

1.10 Snack Lunch

2.30 Optional field trips

a) view the relics, stained glass and library of Mount St Joseph Abbey

b) Roscrea Heritage

c) Monaincha

5.30 Vespers

5.55 Sherry Reception hosted by Roscrea Credit Union. Midland launch of Pádraig Ó Riain’s A Dictionary of Irish Saints (Four Courts Press).

Dom Laurence Walsh OCSO

Also honouring the publication of Glendalough - City of God

6.35 Dinner

8.00 Wish I had been present - lecturers share a wish or a comment

8.40 Saturday Colophon

George Cunningham

9.10 Hospitium


9.30 In hoc signo vinces: the story of Holycross Abbey

Dagmar Ó Riain-Raedel

9.55 Relics and pilgrims: pilgrimage as a cultural and religious experience

Malgorzata D’Aughton

10.20 Discussion

10.30 Concelebrated High Mass

11.30 Coffee

11.55 European religious imagery in Anthony Gearnon’s

Parrthas an Anma (Louvain, 1645)

Bernadette Cunningham

12.20 Purgatory and Prayer: Some Devotional Imagery

on Irish Tombs

Rachel Moss

12.45 Passports to Paradise: the monastic habit in Late Medieval Ireland

Colmán Ó Clabaigh

1.10 What if?

Raymond Gillespie

1.30 Discussion on conference theme

1.40 Summing up and close of conference

George Cunningham

1.55 Lunch

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