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Tomasz Borkowski’s new book ‘Irlandia Jones Poszukiwany’

February, 2010 · Written by: John Tierney Print This Page This entry is part 5 of 21 in the Issue 05

Tomasz Borkowski hasn’t been idle since we last worked together. He has written a book which seems to be about his experiences in field archaeology in Ireland. Here is a review and here is Tomasz’ translation of that review.

‘An archaeologist is a travelling creature. He usually turns up around a motorway or shopping centre under construction. He discovers attractive job announcements as often as buried treasure though. This book views Ireland from underneath, which gives the reader a new and different insight into this country. The author delves into the archaeology, the myths and the history which have shaped Ireland. The reader will find a particular sense of humour in this work, after all an archaeologist spends his time with one foot in somebody else’s grave or immersed in mud or indeed sinking in a bog. The observant archaeologist emerges from time to time from his explorations and narrates stories about the fascinating land of Ireland…

Tomasz Borkowski, born in Wrocław, made his debut fifteen years ago in “Playboy” and has been published under pseudonyms in magazines. “Irlandia Jones wanted” is his first book. Once, he believed that archaeology was a science, but now believes it to be a branch of showbiz complete with eccentric characters and difficult divas. The author relates his experiences of life and work in Ireland, an island which so many Polish people call home.’

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