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Sub-circular enclosure and Bronze Age settlement site at Knockhouse Lower, Co. Waterford

June, 2012 · Written by: Eachtra Print This Page This entry is part 5 of 7 in the Issue 14

Archaeological Excavation Report

Sub-circular enclosure and Bronze Age settlement site

The site consisted of a sub-circular enclosure with a diameter of approximately 36 m; it was initially identified as a crop mark on an aerial photograph, with no trace at ground level. Three sides of the enclosure were formed by two ditches (recorded as the ‘east ditch’ and the ‘west ditch’). The fourth side was characterised by large pits/postholes and slot trenches which probably continued the line of the enclosure, despite the absence of a ditch. The enclosure surrounded a Bronze Age settlement site, with a sub-circular post and stake-built structure excavated near the centre of the enclosed area and an ancillary structure to the west. This report details the results of excavation at the site and the descriptions are broken down into context complexes: the enclosure, the internal structure, the ancillary building, other internal features and external features.

Author: Penny Johnston

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