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Bronze Age pits, structures and a furnace at IDA Arklow Business & Technology Park, Ballynattin, Co. Wicklow

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Archaeological Excavation Report

Bronze Age pits, structures and a furnace

The site was excavated under licence no. 04E0712. It was divided into ten areas of excavation: Areas 1-6, Area 6W, Area 7, Area 10 and Area 12.The earliest evidence for human activity was an Early Neolithic radiocarbon date obtained from the fill of a ditch in Area 6. However, there is no evidence for associated Early Neolithic activity. Most of the archaeological features excavated at Ballynattin were Bronze Age. Bronze Age pits were found in Area 6W, there was a spread of Bronze Age material in Area 3 and three partial Bronze Age structures were found in Areas 6 and 7. These were truncated and approximately only one third of each structure survived for excavation. A furnace excavated in Area 2 may also be Bronze Age in date; it has no associated radiocarbon dates but a saddle quern and flints were found within the furnace fill. The remaining features excavated at the site were primarily post-medieval, including a hearth excavated in Area 4, drains and ditches (Areas 1, 4 and 5) and a 19th century cobbled surface (Area 5).

Authors: Bernice Kelly, Bernadette Doherty, Penny Johnston and Antonia Doolan

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