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Climate Change and Archaeology - Rapid Coastal Zone Assessment Surveys in the UK

March, 2009 · Written by: John Tierney Print This Page This entry is part 31 of 34 in the Issue 01

Back in 1989 we visited the North Yorkshire coast while on an archaeological fieldtrip and the scale of coastal erosion was stunning. The purpose of our visit was to examine soil and sediment profiles; to learn to look at a section as a soil scientist instead of as an archaeologist (rule # 1 - do not trowel the whole surface to within an inch of its life). It was clear then that archaeological sites were being revealed, eroded and also buried by deposition at different spots on the the coastline. Since then English Heritage have developed an approach for dealing with such occurrences - the Rapid Coastal Zone Assessment Surveys are clearly explained and presented here and also archived here at the (ever present) ADS.

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