Issue 01: Eachtra Journal

ISSN 2009-2237



10th Cambridge Heritage Seminar The Future of Historic Cities: Challenges, Contradictions, Continuities

AYIA 41st Annual Conference - April 3rd - 5th 2009 Sligo

From Cú Chulainn to Canning – Evolution of Hurling from Warrior to Hero! - Lecture by Dr Aidan O’Sullivan

The Rath of the Synods book launch 27th March 2009

Twenty-third Conference of Irish Medievalists — 27th – 30th June 2009

Hill of Tara - Round Table - Meeting Tues, 24 March 2009

Second Meeting Theoretical Archaeology Group at Stanford, California, May 2009

Resorting to the Coast: Tourism, Heritage and Cultures of the Seaside

UCC Centenary Archaeology Department Lecture Series 2009


The Future of Historic Cities: Challenges, Contradictions, Continuities

14th International Congress “Cultural Heritage and New Technologies”

Treasures of the Royal Irish Academy Exhibition

Roscrea Spring Conference 2009

Folklife Conference Sept 2008


Climate Change and Archaeology - Rapid Coastal Zone Assessment Surveys in the UK

Illustrate Archaeology UK-based group

Specialist, Illustration, SparkofInk, Margaret Krysczka

Journal Word Cloud 2009

Stone boiling technology reference Journal of Archaeological Science

Google Streetview coming to Ireland

Prehistoric water management & a Near East historic source

Near the Bend in the River - Eachtra speech 22/1/09

Molas & Shakespeares theatre at Shoreditch, London

The words we use - Wordle & Eachtra’s RSS Feed 200209

Wessex Archaeology test trenches evident in google aerial photos

National Inventory of Architectural Heritage Resources

Star Carr and visualisation - the estrangement factor is launched

Near The Bend In The River


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