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UCC Centenary Archaeology Department Lecture Series 2009

March, 2009 · Written by: John Tierney Print This Page This entry is part 16 of 34 in the Issue 01

Department of Archaeology Centenary Programme, 2009

The public, academic staff and students of UCC are cordially invited to attend the following lectures and events, to be held in the University on various dates in 2009.
The evening talk series will be delivered by leading international archaeologists, with a range of topics connected to the research interests of the Department. A public conference on the origins of Cork city will be held in April, which will review research on the Viking and medieval walled town. The Centenary Programme also features a photographic exhibition on archaeological excavations conducted by UCC over the past century.

Professor Klavs Randsborg (University of Copenhagen)

‘Kings’s Jelling: Denmark’s Imperial Centre’.

19th February, 2009. 7pm. Boole lecture theatre 2

Professor Andrew Fleming (University of Lampeter)

‘From Wildwood to Pasture in Early Britain’

19th March. 7pm Boole lecture theatre 1

Centenary public conference

Viking and Medieval Cork: the Origins of a City

24-25th April. (Friday evening and all-day Saturday). Venue to be confirmed.

Professor Kristian Kristiansen (University of Gothenberg)

‘1200 BC and the Big Turmoil’

11th June. 7pm, Boole lecture theatre 1

Professor Barry Cunliffe (University of Oxford)

‘Celts from the West’

22nd October. Boole lecture theatre.

Later that evening – Launch of photographic exhibition: ‘Digging up the Past: UCC and archaeological excavation, 1909–2009.

Professor Jane Buikstra (Arizona State University)

‘Tuberculosis: The Plague Continues’

12th November. Boole lecture theatre.

Professor Marilyn Palmer (University of Leicester)

‘The Role of Archaeology in the Study of Industrialization’

10th December. Boole lecture theatre.

All lectures will be held in the Boole lecture theatres, located in the basement floor of

the University Library building.

Admission to these evening lectures and to the public conference is free.

Further details on the Centenary Programme are available on our web-site: www.ucc.ie/en/DepartmentsCentresandUnits/Archaeology

Information is also available by phoning the Department at 021-4904048 or by

emailing us at archaeology@ucc.ie

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