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Burnt mound at Garraundarragh, Co. Kerry (04E0646)

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Archaeological Excavation Report

Burnt mound

The fulacht fiadh, AR10, is located in the townland of Garraundarragh and the parish of Currans (National Grid Reference Q093050/107950) in north Kerry, c. 4km north of Farranfore and c. 8km south-east of Tralee town. It is situated at the southern end of a wet and low-lying field used for rough pasture and is bounded to the south and east by a substantial drainage dyke.
The basal remains of the fulacht fiadh mound were recorded in test trench 22, chainage 7470-7495, Field 10, and measured 15m north-south by 17m east-west and up to 0.40m deep. This feature is not a classic fulacht fiadh as described above but the remains of a mound that has been disturbed by land reclamation and the digging of drainage ditches and cultivation furrows.
The remains of the burnt mound, F2, was roughly oval in plan. Generally the mound was composed of dark brown/black friable silt with 50% of it composed of burnt, coarse, angular small stones. The layer, F2, was relatively level and was located in a shallow hollow. It was deepest towards the centre, c. 0.40 – 0.45m, and became shallower towards the outer extremity. A radiocarbon date from charcoal in this layer returned a date of cal BC 1530 – 1400 (cal BP 3480 to 3350, Beta 200761).

Author: Niamh O’Callaghan

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Final Excavation, N22 Gortatlea to Far Ran Fore, Co. Kerry - 04E0646

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