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Burnt mounds at Garraundarragh / Urrohogal, Co. Kerry (04E0647)

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Archaeological Excavation Report

Burnt mounds

The fulachta fiadh are located in the townlands of Garraundarragh and Urrohogal in the parish of Currans and the barony of Trughanacmy in north Kerry, c. 4km north of Farranfore and c. 8km south-east of Tralee town.
Fulacht fiadh 1 was recorded during Phase I testing c. 40m north of the townland boundary between Garraundarragh and Urrohogal in Garraundarragh. A second burnt mound, fulacht fiadh 2 was recorded during Phase II monitoring immediately south of the Garraundarragh and Urrohogal townland boundaries in Urrohogal, c. 36m to the south. The mounds were separated by and predated the townland boundary of Garraundarragh and Urrohogal.
The mounds and troughs associated with the two sites were very different in terms of size. The composition of the mounds was similar being composed of heat shattered stone. The mound in Garraundarragh had survived to a general height of 0.8m and thetwo troughs were substantial in size. Both troughs cut the subsoil and it was not possible to establish a stratigraphic relationship between the two. Timbers were recorded in one of the troughs in which would suggest that it was timber lined originally. Charcoal from C.5 the fill of trough C.7 in Garraundarragh has been dated to the Later Bronze Age cal BC 1000 to 790 (Beta 200762).

Authors: Jacinta Kiely & Tony Bartlett

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Final Excavation, N22 Gortatlea to Far Ran Fore, Co. Kerry - 04E0647

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