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Medieval enclosure at Glanbane, Co. Kerry (04E0648)

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Archaeological Excavation Report

Medieval enclosure

The ringfort, AR05 or KE039:071, is located in the townland of Glanbane and the parish of Currans (National Grid Reference Q930900/108140) in north Kerry, c. 4km north of Farranfore and c. 8km south-east of Tralee town.
Thirty-eight metres of the west and south-west sections of an enclosing ditch were excavated on the site of the ‘ringfort’ marked ‘Lisdarrig’. No trace of a bank was recorded. Agricultural furrows were recorded within the road corridor to the west but the area of the ringfort was not truncated by agricultural activities.
Having considered the results of the excavation it is alternatively suggested that the ditch, KE039:071 is part of a Medieval enclosure rather than a ringfort. The enclosure ditch was found to have straight sides and although its true shape cannot be determined positively it was not circular, sub-circular or oval in plan, while ringforts are ‘most frequently circular’ (O’Riordain, 1979).
Secondly, within the catchment area of the excavation the enclosure was found to have a splayed entrance facing west-north-west, while according to Stout (2000) ringforts have entrances usually located in the east and south-east sides (thus providing protection from the prevailing Irish south-westerly winds and the colder winds from the north as well as taking optimum advantage of available sunlight).

Author: Niamh O’Callaghan

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Final Excavation, N22 Gortatlea to Far Ran Fore, Co. Kerry - 04E0648

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