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Metalworking site at Monganstown , Co. Westmeath (E2771)

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Archaeological Excavation Report

Metalworking site

This report details the results of archaeological excavations carried out at Monganstown townland,
along the line of the N6 realignment between Kinnegad and Kilbeggan (Figure 1). Situated approximately
2 km west of Kinnegad, the site is one of fourteen new archaeological sites identified during test
excavations carried out in 2004. Following the identification of archaeological remains in situ during
the testing phase, it was recommended that preservation by record would be required.
The main concentration of archaeological features was confined to an area of approximately 15 m2
and was excavated under ministerial order A001/001. Evidence was recovered showing the existence of
early medieval charcoal production pits, and Iron Age ironworking features, as well as other possible
smelting and smithing furnaces close by. Several other pits were excavated, and had been used for the
disposal of slag, although they may have originally had a different function.

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