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Wetland Archaeology in Ireland and Beyond February 2010

August, 2009 · Written by: John Tierney Print This Page This entry is part 8 of 11 in the Issue 03

Wetland Archaeology in Ireland and Beyond

Conference 6th-7th February 2010, University College Dublin

Call for Papers

Wetlands are an intrinsic part of the Irish landscape, they have also been at the heart of numerous archaeological investigation, particularly over the last 25 years. Although a relatively recently coined term, Wetlands encapsulates a critical range of landscapes, locations and places – exploited, revered, feared, crossed or ignored in different measure by various groups of people across both time and space. Today in Ireland they are in many respects either marginal or exploited. However, both their environment and their archaeology create very special and important places, an importance and uniqueness recognised by World Wetlands Day and the designation of 45 Ramsar sites from across Ireland.

This conference builds on a long tradition of archaeological examination of Irish wetlands. Papers are sought that introduce new research, or explore new approaches to previous research, with specific reference to peoples’ interactions with wetlands. Papers can work at various scales from the wide to the site specific and across different themes from the sacred to the profane to the environmental.

Papers at the conference will be broadly grouped into sessions of archaeological and environmental studies at small and large scales. The first day will focus on site level studies mainly relating to individual sites or excavations and environmental studies at local scale. The second day will feature inter-site papers, surveys, regional level environmental studies and multidisciplinary projects. Individual projects wishing to present more than one paper are requested to submit proposals across the scales and themes of the conference.

6th February

7th February


Session 1: Archaeological 1

Session 3: Archaeological 2





Session 2: Environmental 1

Session 4: Environmental 2

One of the major objectives of the conference is to highlight the diversity of archaeologies and environments in Irish wetland archaeology and the range of methodological and theoretical approaches adopted. We are particularly keen to encourage papers that attempt to integrate these thematic areas either in a focused or in a wider synthetic fashion.

Recent years have seen many notable projects undertaken in Ireland either as part of existing wetland strategies or as individual projects in the context of infrastructure developments etc. This conference will present forum for a wide range of people undertaking archaeological and environmental studies to (re)engage in dialogue on the development of wetland archaeology in Ireland over the past 25 years and to consider themes, priorities and potentials for the future.

Potential contributors are requested to forward a paper title and 300 word abstract to wetland.archaeology@ucd.ie before 30 of September 2009. Each speaker will be allotted 30 minutes for their presentation including 5 minutes for discussion. Speakers and attendees are also welcome to present posters which will be displayed throughout the conference.

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