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Multi peroid site with a Later Medieval kiln at Derrybane, Co. Tipperary

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Archaeological Excavation Report

Multi peroid site with a Later Medieval kiln

Three separate cuttings were excavated at Derrybane 1. Area 1 measured 20 m by 20 m, Area 2 measured 92 m by 30 m and Area 3 measured 13 m by 15 m. Three large pits were excavated in Area 1. Area 2 was characterised by 22 small and shallow pits, located for the most part in the centre of the site, 12 postholes and three hearths. The entire area was truncated by modern drains and furrows. An Early Bronze Age date, an early medieval and a medieval date were returned from pits and a hearth in Area 2.  A corn-drying kiln and associated pit were recorded in Area 3. The figure-of-eight type kiln comprised two oval chambers separated by a flue. There was evidence for three or four phases of use in the kiln. A large oval pit was located adjacent to the kiln. The pit contained large amounts of burnt material, possibly waste from the kiln. The kiln was dated to the medieval period.

Authors: Ewelina Chrobak and Enda O’Mahony

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