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Bronze Age domestic and funerary activity at Derrybane, Co. Tipperary

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Archaeological Excavation Report

Bronze Age domestic and funerary activity

The excavation of Derrybane 2 recorded Bronze Age domestic and funerary activity in the form of a series of cremation pits, three structures and associated post-holes, hearths, pits and stake-holes. Area 1 measured 41 m north-south by 45 m east-west and Area 2 measured 44 m north-south by 318 m east-west. Excavation of the western end of the site revealed four cremation pits and eight pits that appeared to be associated with the funerary activity.  A further two pits, a hearth, two post-holes and a linear cut were also excavated in this area. Excavation in the central section of the site revealed three post-built circular structures. The largest building (Structure 1) comprised a ring of eight post-holes and two small slot trenches with an entrance/porch at the south-east and was dated to the Late Bronze Age. The smallest structure was dated to the Early Bronze Age. In the eastern extent of Area 2 18 pits containing cremated human remains were excavated. The rim of an inverted urn (E3591:704:1-19) was recovered from one of the cremation pits. A further 15 pits were interspersed within the group of pits containing cremations. The cremations were dated to the Middle Bronze Age.

Authors: Jacinta Kiely and Enda O’Mahony

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