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Burnt Mound at Greenhills, Co. Tipperary

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Archaeological Excavation Report

Burnt Mound

There were two separate areas, 1 and 2, excavated at Greenhills 3. Area 1 was located in the western part of the site and comprised three small separate mounds of burnt material.
The mounds overlay six troughs and two pits. A third pit was located east of the central mound. Evidence of lining was recorded in one of the troughs. An Early Bronze Age date was returned from one of the fills of one of the troughs. A flint blade (E3658:1:2) was recovered from the topsoil.
Area 2 was located 30 m east of Area 1. The ground to the immediate west of the mounds of burnt material in Area 2 was low-lying and boggy and criss-crossed with land drains. It must have been the source of water for the troughs in Area 2 in prehistory. The northern  mound  of  burnt  material  overlay  seven  trough  and  three  pits.  The  southern mound of burnt material overlay one trough. Evidence of lining was recorded in five of the troughs. One Early Bronze Age and one Middle Bronze Age date was returned from a hearth and a trough. A small assemblage of animal bone was recovered from the fills of two of the troughs and two of the layers. Two flaked pieces of chert (E3658:34:1-2) were recovered from one of the layers.

Author: Jacinta Kiely

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