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Fulacht fiadh at Kildrum, Co. Cork

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Archaeological Excavation Report

Fulacht fiadh

The excavation of the site at KildrumĀ  revealed a fulacht fiadh with five troughs with numerous fills of burnt mound material. The actual burnt mound survived only as shallow layers truncated by a deep field boundary. Two of the troughs were large in size and showed evidence of lining as stake-holes were recorded in the base of the troughs. Early Bronze Age dates were returned from charcoal from two of the fills of the troughs. The site was truncated by a field boundary, several land drains and a modern forest plantation.
No water source is evident in the immediate surrounds of the site but running water was recorded in the base of the field boundary. Analysis of charcoal from the site suggests that almost equal amounts of hazel, oak, and alder charcoal were used in the fires at the site.

Authors: John Tierney and Andrew Thompson

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