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Reframing the Neolithic 7 August 2010

July, 2010 · Written by: John Tierney Print This Page This entry is part 21 of 21 in the Issue 06

Re-Framing the Neolithic

The UCD Humanities Institute of Ireland is hosting a one-day seminar which aims to capture the changes in traditional views of the Irish Neolithic that have occurred in recent years and to highlight the scientific approaches behind many of these shifts in knowledge.

Saturday 7 August 2010

Venue: H204, HII Seminar Room, University College Dublin


09:45            Welcome and introduction

Environment and subsistence

10:00 Climate change and the Neolithic in North Mayo
Graeme Warren, Naomi Holmes & Steve Davis, University College Dublin

10:25 Cultivating societies: assessing the evidence for agriculture in Neolithic Ireland
Meriel McClatchie, Nicki Whitehouse, Phil Barratt, Rowan McLaughlin & Paula Reimer - Queen’s University Belfast; Rick Schulting & Amy Bogaard - University of Oxford; Sue Colledge - University College London; Rob Marchant - University of York

10.50 New insights into the Neolithic in Britain and Ireland through organic residue analysis
Lucy Cramp, University of Bristol

11:15            Additional Q&A/Tea and coffee


11:45 Title tbc
Ron Pinhasi, University College Cork

12:10 “Grey waters bright with Neolithic argonauts”? The western seaways of Britain / eastern seaways of Ireland, c. 5000-3500 BC
Duncan Garrow, University of Liverpool; Fraser Sturt, University of Southampton

12:35 Re-framing the migration debate: mobile farmers, enterprising hunters and social change from isotope evidence
Thomas Kador, University College Dublin

13:00            Lunch


14:00 Solid bits in the soup. Radiocarbon dating programmes for aspects of the southern British Neolithic and the Bayesian analysis of their results
Frances Healy, Cardiff University

14:25 The long and the short of it: new dates on human bone from court tombs and passage tombs
Rick Schulting, University of Oxford

14:50 Contemplating darkness: engaging with caves in the Irish Neolithic
Marion Dowd, Institute of Technology Sligo

15:15            Additional Q&A/Tea and coffee


15:40 Stonecraft in the Irish Neolithic - past perceptions and new insights
Farina Sternke, University of Glasgow; Peter Woodman, University College Cork

16:05 A review of the context of early Neolithic ceramics in Ireland
Eoin Grogan, consultant archaeologist

16:30 Arts and crafts: dynamism, conservatism and representation in the Irish passage tomb tradition
Robert Hensey, NUI Galway

16:55            Final questions and closing comments

17:15            End of seminar

Further Info: www.ucd.ie/hii/events/events2009-2010

Registration: hii@ucd.ie

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