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Proposed farm access trackway at Ballybrowney Lower, Co. Cork (E2003)

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Archaeological Test Excavation Report

Proposed farm access trackway

Two main areas of high archaeological significance were identified during the testing of the proposed route option A. These were a sub rectangular enclosure and the upstanding enclosure elements of the ringfort.
The outer bank and ditch of the ringfort are still intact to a large degree and are visible on the surface within the CPO line. The area is heavily overgrown with mature and semi-mature trees and a dense understorey of secondary growth. Despite this, and despite having been truncated by the insertion of a trackway cutting through the outer bank and the construction of a stone revetment and drain on its southern side, the outer enclosing elements of the ringfort are to a large degree extant.
The insertion of a modern trackway in this location would have a severe negative impact on the northern enclosing elements of the ringfort.

Authors: Mick Drumm and John Tierney

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